Animals Transformed Into Creepy Skeletons For Halloween

These amazing animals transformed into creepy skeletons for Halloween are absolutely fantastic! Pet owners use non toxic face paints to turn their animals into creepy skeletons for Halloween! That looks super cool and is a wonderful way to “dress up” your pet without putting them through the hassle of actual clothing. Some pets don’t enjoy wearing floppy hats or constrictive costumes. Pet-safe non-toxic paint can be applied to your dog, cat, horse, or even a cow. Many brands sell such paints, and you can find some tutorials online for how to make your own perfectly safe paint. While a skeleton is a great idea, especially if you have a black pet and white paint, there are a number of ways you can use paint to dress up your animals. Here are some animals that underwent paint jobs for their Halloween costume.


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skeleton-dogskeleton dog (2) skeleton dog painting Animals Transformed Into Creepy Skeletons For Halloweenskeleton painted cat skeleton painted catskeleton_horseskeleton white horseskeleton jumping horseskeleton horseskeleton horse paintingskeleton horse (2)Skelehorsepainted horseblack-horsebaby horse painting9197189_origskeleton cow painting

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