Amazing Skull Tattoos by Igoryoshi

I have featured some skull tattoos done by very talented tattoo artists working at Slayer Tattoo Studio before, and here I am again to show you some of the amazing skull tattoos by Igoryoshi, another professional tattoo artists working at this studio in Lublin, Poland.
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Igoryoshi started doing his first tattoos when he was 16 years old. Then he began to make tattoos for his friends. Initially those were simple images, but over the years he started doing more complex drawings on skin. Igoryoshi travels all over the world for many tattoo conventions and guest spots. He specializes in color tattoos but has done many black and gray ones as well. Preferred styles: art-realistic, surrealistic and comics. He treats the body as another form of canvas, inking them with vibrant images. His tattoos are so colorful that they look like a body painting!
Go check out his extremely impressive portfolio and get inspired!
Facebook: IgoryoshiTattoo
Instagram: igoryoshi_tattoo

Amazing Skull Tattoos by Igoryoshi (2) Arm Tattoo by Igoryoshi (2) Arm Tattoo by Igoryoshi Foot Tattoo by IgoryoshiAmazing Skull Tattoos by Igoryoshi Igoryoshi (2) Igoryoshi Skull Tattoo by Igoryoshi (2) Skull Tattoo by Igoryoshi Tattoo by Igoryoshi (2) Tattoo by Igoryoshi

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