Alexis Marcou for Nike

Nike 10 is a commissioned work by Nike,inc. World Headquarters in the summer of 2010. Designed 3 illustrations in total. The Nike swoosh in 2 versions, a ‘Just Do It’ design in black and white versions and a skull illustration with eye blacks under its eye holes.

Alexis Marcou for Nike

Alexis Marcou has graduated from Plymouth University in 2007, since then he has been doing freelance work for a wide range of clients such as Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Atomic Skis and Nike.

Alexis Marcou for Nike 2

There’s a visceral quality to Alexis Marcou’s sketch-style illustration work that really speaks of his ability to capture a living moment with his pencil.

Alexis Marcou for Nike 3 Alexis Marcou for Nike 1

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