Adam by Milan Nenezić

Adam by Milan Nenezić is one of the paintings from the series Dreams & Visions. These paintings are dealing with symbols and personifications of emotions through different states of consciousness (dreams, hallucinations, visions etc.). They appear as a reflection of an inner and outer experience of self, as a part of existence in the field of life frequencies.

Adam by Milan Nenezić

Milan Nenezić was born in 1983 in Serbia. He lives and works in Belgrade. The human body and human perception has inspired his work. The way we see ourselves and the way the personality is transferred to the outside world by creating a new reality. His work could never be described as shy and retiring. It’s brutal and confrontational, tackling anorexia, illness, death, regrettable sex and even acne with unflinching clarity. Nenezić has created bold work across the board, using collage, video and a collaborative performance piece.

Check out his website. There are a lot of his amazing works.

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