40 Mexican candy skull tattoos

Sugar skull (or candy skull) is a well-known part of celebrations of Day of the Dead, celebrated in conjunction with All Saints Day and All Souls Day (November 1st and 2nd). This unique Mexican holiday is all about celebration, not sorrow. It’s not sad and dark as the name suggest but colorful and joyful. People in Mexico used to make altars for the dead and put real skulls on them. With time they replaced the real skulls with skulls made from sugar paste. One thing that makes them stand out from other skull-related creations is how jolly they look. Different colors, patterns, and accessories might be included in the skull. These decorations make it seem very alive, exactly how the Mexicans want it.
Today you can find sugar skulls almost everywhere. From fashion  (T-shirts, jewelry, watches, shoes) to home decor (prints, paintings, candles). There are unlimited ways artists use them in their designs and products. Sugar skull make up is quite popular for Halloween and many people decide to get a sugar skull tattoo. Some people choose a candy skull design for a tattoo because they would like to honor a deceased loved one. Other people simply like the image of a decorated  colorful skull.
In this post you can find 40 Mexican candy skull tattoos representing sugar skull makeup.


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candy sugar skull

sugar skull tattoo design 1Sugar Skull Tattoo design sugar skull tattoo sugar skull mexican

amazing sugar skull tattoo

sugar skull leg tattoo sugar skull girl tattoo sugar skull lady tattoo Sugar Skull Girlcandy skull face tattoo

sugar skull face tattoo sugar skull face paint sugar skull candy tattoo santa muerte sugar skull

sugar skull candy tattoo (2) origin Mexican sugar skull mexican tattoo Mexican sugar skull mexican skull tattoos

mexican skull tattoo mexican skull tattoo design Mexican Face Logo mexican candy skulls

mexican candy skull mexican candy skull tattoos mexican candy skull tattoos 2 mexican candy skull tattoos 1 Jacob Pedersen sugar skull tattooGirly sugar skull tattoos girl sugar skull makeup frida khalo sugar skull tattoo dead face tattoo day of the dead tattooday of the dead skull tattoo candy tattoo candy skull tattoos candy skull tattoo

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