20 skull cameo tattoo designs

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Cameos have found a whole new life through tattoos. A cameo tattoo plays on the old silhouettes that used to be so popular. Many cameo tattoos have the same general oval shape with a silhouette in the middle. Many people pick a standard silhouette, but they can change the same old shape into something new and different, for example, the skull. Skull cameo tattoos can depict personal meaning and be drawn from exact portraits for even more sentiment. Some people want to get a skull cameo tattoo in honor of loved ones who passed away.


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Here is a collection of 20 skull cameo tattoo designs looking very amazing and awesome. So which one of these tattoo designs would you pick for yourself?

cameo skull cameo tattoo leopard print skeleton cameo tattoo Skeleton Cameo Tattoo skeleton cameo skull cameo design skull cameo tat skull cameo tattoo (2) skull cameo tattoo (3) skull cameo tattoo (4) skull cameo tattoo (5) Skull cameo tattoo designs 1 Skull cameo tattoo designs 2 Skull cameo tattoo designs Skull Cameo tattoo skull cameo tattoo skull cameo skull Tattoo Cameo Skull Miss Camafeu awesome skull cameo

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