5 Things You Never Knew About the Human Skull

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The Human Skull: 5 Amazing Things You Never Knew

The human skull is a wonder of anatomy, and the more it is studied the more it reveals about the evolution of humanity. Read here to learn 5 amazing facts.

It takes an average of 785 pounds to crush a human skull! Human bones can withstand so many environmental obstacles. But what do we know about them and what they can do? 

Do you know what your skull can take? We’re going to make you fall in love with the awesomeness that is your cranium. Read on to uncover five amazing things you never knew about the human skull!

1. You Can See Someone’s Gender by Looking at Their Skull

The human skull, like most bones, can tell you a story of the person. Medical examiners will look at the bones [among other things] to see how someone died. The human skull shape can also tell you secrets about gender. 

The bone in the male skull will be thicker than females. 

2. 22 Bones in the Human Skull

There 22 bones that make up the skull, but teeth don’t count. Believe it or not, teeth are not actual bones! Here’s a quick anatomy lesson to make you the coolest at your next dinner party. 

There are eight bones in the cranium:

  • Frontal
  • Parietal [two on each side of the head]
  • Temporal bones [two on each side of the head]
  • Occipital
  • Ethmoid
  • Sphenoid 

While there are fourteen facial bones: 

  • Mandible,
  • Maxillae [two]
  • Vomer
  • Palatine [two]
  • Nasal [two]
  • Zygomatic [two]
  • Nasal conchae [two]
  • Lacrimal [two]  

These two work together to make up the human skull. These bones protect the brain, let you see, drink coffee, hear, and more! While ears are cartilage, your skull keeps all the ear functions safe. Here’s a royalty free music download to go with all this new awesome knowledge! 

3. Ethnicity and Race

Like nutrition, food groups, and human growth and development.    

Yep, that’s right, race and ethnicity are two other details you can gather from the cranium! Studies show the differences in measurements and weight in different ethnicities. Researchers can use this information to ask more questions about humanity.

4. There’s Only One Bone in the Skull That Moves 

Can you guess what the only moving bone in the human skull is? We’ll give you a hint: you chew with it. That’s right, it’s your jaw bone. 

Science calls it the mandible. It is the only movable bone in the human skull. That is…without causing copious amounts of pain.    

5. The Magic of Foramina 

We know what you’re thinking: what the heck is foramina? Foramina is the formal name that describes the passages in your skull. No, we don’t mean your eyes sockets.

The skull has actual holes in it that allow for blood flow and other mechanisms.

The Human Skull Is a Beauty 

A human skull carries an entire life for decades through thick and thin. You play sports, eat, shower, all with one skull. Its durability is phenomenal and so is its structure.We work to capture the beauty of the skull with our article on skull artwork. If that doesn’t float your boat, let us rock your world with human skull hairstyles!  

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