Love Skulls? Here’s a Collection You Should Look This Season

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Whether you’re a lover of the Goth culture or have a personal love for all things dark, then you’re sure to be a sucker for skulls. Skulls have even found their way into high fashion and it’s safe to say that not many people can deny the appeal of having anything skull related on some piece or another in their closets. The image of the skull holds its place throughout history and across numerous cultures, so you’ve not only owned something that looks good and is bound to attract attention, but it is an image that holds substance as well. Whether it’s an image that symbolizes an experience on someone’s tattoo, or a cultural symbol as with the Day of the Dead, across the world, the skull holds its place prominently.

While skull fashion never loses its place and value within motorcycle, goth culture and many different religious and traditional expressions, it also holds a place in high fashion just as strongly. We’re going to take a good look at a collection of skull donned items that you must add to your collection that is bound to stand the test of time!

Skull Rings

Skull rings need to be at the top of this list because there’s nothing that gives off a classy yet Gothic look like a skull ring. The variety that can be found is really endless. From gold plated to black chrome and gem embossed designs, skull rings are super cool and incredibly attractive. Just have a look at this huge collection of skull rings to really get a feel of what your options are. Once you get your hands on, and in these rings, it’ll be really hard to stop! The best part is that skull rings are suitable for both men and women, and this in itself is a testament to their standing in fashion and style.


The skulls of all kinds and sorts are integrated into an array of fashion accessories. From belts to belt buckles, suspenders to earrings, necklaces, and all kinds of hair accessories as well. The options are endless and the look is always going to be unique and eye catching. They’re always going to be a statement to make, no matter how big or small because let’s face it, who isn’t going to look at a skull hanging off your ear or wrapped around your head in a bandana? There is also the skeleton hand bracelet, which fits on to your fingers and spreads out over the back of your hand, as if your bones were on the outside! It may sound a bit creepy, but it actually looks pretty awesome.

Tank Tops & T-Shirts

While tank tops and T-shirts are known to be popular for casual wear, adding a bit of bling with skull designs adds that extra flair of a more goth and grunge look that can easily pass on a night out. When looking at tank tops in particular, many of the designs have been detailed into the backs and the straps. As for the T-shirts, you can find an eclectic collection of different kinds of skulls- from taking up the whole T-shit to have small icons put on to make that special statement.

Skull Boots

If you thought that you would need color to make your boots stand out, think again. Having the basic black boot embossed with silver skulls or even just an image outlined onto the whole of the boot itself, as if it were tattooed on, makes a statement that allows the boots to be the centerpiece of your outfit. Pair it with undertones of black or even lighter colors, as long as they are plain, they’re bound to scream style. And even if you are into a bit of color, sugar skull boots lend that pop of color to bring out the design that much more.


The most unique and attractive bikinis and one-pieces are flaunting all kinds of skull designs this summer. And if that weren’t enough, you can check out the flip flops and sunglasses that are taking on everything skull related to add that extra flair of cool. The best thing about skulls is that you can mix and match to have matching swimwear with you and your partner, as it’s absolutely just as cool to have men’s swimwear with the same designs.

Yoga Pants & Leggings

You’ll actually find that having skulls printed onto legging and yoga pants is all the rage these days. They look incredibly great with a plain colored shirt or tank top on top and can either be super cute or have a lot of detail, much like a 3D skull, for instance. Just because you’re going for yoga doesn’t mean you can’t be skulled out too! Makes you feel a little tougher and ready to rock.


If you’re going for a goth look, then the good old backpack decorated with scary skulls should do the trick. But if you’re looking for a somewhat cuter look, you can always have a go with handbags that display skulls that have hearts for eye sockets and are decorated with flowers and bright colors. There are also classy purses that are blinged with rhine stoned skulls, giving it an expensive flair.


There’s probably not a better marriage out there than the one leather and skulls have! When you think of motorcycle gangs, you think of leather jackets with large beautiful skulls designed on the back. This trend has bled into the fashion world as well, and now you can get yourself a leather jacket with amazing skull designs printed onto them. Leather bags are also very trendy these days while having skulls replacing the locks or added onto the buckles.

All over the place

You think of it, and you’ll probably find a place that sells it with a skull design on it! Lampshades, bedcovers, linens, gloves, carpets, scarves, car interiors- the list goes on and on! Skull culture has taken over and it looks like it’s one of these fashion trends that never gets old or goes out of fashion!

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