Skull Artworks by Cindy Fair

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Cindy Fair is a Canadian self taught artist who has resided in Vancouver, BC since 1993.  She has lived and traveled through many parts of Central and South America; where she first discovered her passion for the countries culture, traditions and family values.  Each of her art piece has a message, each persuades a moment of reflection.

Cindy’s artistic inspiration is transpired through her interpretation and attraction to “Dia de Muertos” – Mexico’s “Day of the Dead” and the ancient tradition of skull art.  Although the Mexican cultural event may appear to be based on death to some, it is in the artist’s opinion uniquely about the celebration of life.

Did we fully embrace and live the life we loved? Did we find and bring joy to others? Those are the most profound thoughts while working on her skulls.

Blush n Bones Sugar Skulls is a collection of exotic art inspired by some of the most attractive themes and materials – Swarovski crystals, vintage jewelry and metal. Each piece is a one of a kind, uniquely hand crafted from clay to the intricate jewelled accessories and/or metal work, which is later applied once the glazing process is complete. The collection symbolizes the artists respect and connection to the Mexican culture of Dia de los Muertos and skulls. Her animal skull series is inspired by a collection of authentic bison, long horn steer, deer and other ethically procured animal skulls.

Cindy’s work is displayed at Suquet Interiors and their various locations in Vancouver, British Columbia, and at Konquer Motorcycles in Kelowna, and Galeria de Ida Victoria in San Jose del Cabo.

Be sure to visit Cindy online, there’s more to discover:
Facebook: BlushnBones
Instagram: BlushnBones.skullart

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