ZombiePeepshow “Purgatory” shoes

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Fashion is obsessed with skulls trends. Gone are the days where skulls are strictly reserved for Blackbeard and Captain Hook! Whoever guessed that the pirates of yesteryear would be the trendsetters of today? The mysterious skull image is now hotter than ever. From apparel to bags, jewelry and shoes, the skull fad has made its way into everyone’s closet. The best part is that you don’t have to step too far out of your style comfort zone to play around with this evil fashion trend. 


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ZombiePeepshow Purgatory shoes (2)

These ZombiePeepshow “Purgatory” shoes are hand painted and texturized with large skulls. They were custom made for a client so each pair they make will have slight variations so that no two pairs are the same. Some of them may have LED lights at the back.

ZombiePeepshow is a Texas-based design company specializing in custom shoes and apparel. They have been featured in the horror and modeling community since 2011. They enjoy creating everything from simple and striking skull pumps, to extreme studded candelabra boots. They welcome custom requests. 


ZombiePeepshow is owned and created by Kayla Stojek. Her intrigue originated from turning intense props into wearable art. Kayla’s relentless work ethic and undivided attention shines in every hand crafted piece. The horror and beauty can be found in every piece.

Kayla accepts custom requests for women and men alike. She welcomes you to visit her online store and hopes to ignite inspiration. She believes that the possibilities for design truly are endless, and looks forward to creating a little more madness everyday.

There is more to discover, Kayla’s work is very varied. Be sure to visit her online to see more of her amazing work:

Store: www.etsy.com/shop/kaylastojek

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ZombiePeepshow

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ZombiePeepshow shoes ZombiePeepshow Purgatory shoes


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