Zombie Russian Doll

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Zombie Russian Doll by Ella Mobbs is a digital illustration that plays on a combination of sweet and unusual themes. Illustrated as part of a collection of designs for various handmade products. Ella is a based illustrator and designer from Australia. She has been drawing and creating for years and loves to create cute designs, sometimes with an underlying disturbance. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Art with a major in Interactive and Visual Design. She has been happily studying design for 5 years and regularly exhibit at markets and events around Brisbane, Australia.


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Zombie Russian Doll

Her work is mainly digital, starting with a small sketch and developed using both traditional and digital techniques. She likes to draw edible treats, curious animals, and modified ladies. She uses a subdued colour palette to accentuate the contrast between the subject matter and the overall mood. She is interested in doing more designs for clothing, accessories, and surface design. She is able to do custom designs of any request to create designs for a variety of uses including print, web, clothing, logos, and more. Ella spends her spare time creating illustrations for her own label, and doing tid-bits of freelance design work to develop her portfolio. Ella’s digital art style is well known for being ‘a little bit different’ and she is always looking to share her work further.

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