Zippo Lighters with Skulls

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Today we want to show you these cool Zippo Lighters with Skulls. Zippo lighters are perfect for collecting with the many different designs and limited edition Zippo lighters. The awesome skulls lighters are one of the best selling themes for Zippo lighters. Many different skull designs available on tough durable Zippo lighters make them great for work or play. They make great gift items for any smoker or those who just collect Zippo lighters for the value and awesome designs.


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The Zippo lighter was first produced in America in 1933 by the Zippo Manufacturing Company founded by George G. Blaisdell. Blaisdell got his idea from an Australian type of lighter. An official patent was granted for Zippo lighters on March 3rd 1936.

Zippo Lighter 4

During the early years of Zippo lighter production the lighter case was made of brass but was changed to being made of steel during WWII. They became so popular during the war that soldiers demanded that military supply stores carried the zippo. Since then they have made many lighters to commemorate the Wars and the military. Their military lighters have become highly collectible amongst Zippo lighter groups.

Zippo Lighter Harley Davidson

Many Companies have used these lighters as advertising merchandise and as gifts to employees or to celebrate certain company events. Many of the early Zippos had painted designs but as the times have changed so has the Zippo design but yet keeping the same basic design.

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Zippo Lighters with Skulls


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