X-Ray Skeleton Socks

You can’t have too many socks! The dryer eats them, the dog eats them, they just disappear after a while. If you have a neat sock collection, these X-Ray Skeleton Socks are a must-have! They are sure to be noticed, and make a great gift for that friend of yours that always wears cool socks!


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1. Living Royal: X-Ray Knee High Socks 


skeleton Socks (2)


2. Amazon: Anatomical Chart Co. – Bone Socks – – White


Skeleton Socks (3)

3. Amazon: Photo Print Slippers & Socks Set (X Ray)


Skeleton Socks


4. Amazon: Odd Sox X-Ray Sublimation Crew Socks Black

X-Ray Skeleton Socks (2)

5. Amazon: Womens Photo Print Ankle Socks X Ray Skeleton Foot Bone


X-Ray Skeleton Socks

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