X-Ray Art by Benedetta Bonichi

This time we want to show you this stunning X-Ray Art by Benedetta Bonichi. Benedetta is an Italian contemporary artist, daughter of famous Italian painter Claudio Bonichi. She began exhibiting his art in 2002.


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Underneath our skin all people are the same — unless, that is, you have tentacles instead of legs, a fishtail where your waist ends, or a long, elegant beak springing from your face.

X-Ray Art by Benedetta Bonichi

X-Ray Art by Benedetta Bonichi 3X-Ray Art by Benedetta Bonichi 2

Benedetta Bonichi creates a variety of X-ray art, combining human and animal bodies, glassware, and jewelry to form unique images. A few of her medical-inspired masterpieces go the cryptid route, resulting in bony images of human-animal hybrids. The effect created by Bonichi is so striking because we seem to be looking at an archaeological find, analyzed in a laboratory, suspended between life and death. The pose and choice of subject marry well with the X-ray technique because it highlights the vanity of existence and beauty that the model seems to cultivate so intensely.

There are a lot more to be seen on her website toseeinthedark.it

We have featured some amazing art by Benedetta Bonichi before: skullspiration.com/skeletal-sex

X-Ray Art Benedetta Bonichi art

Benedetta Bonichi X-Ray Art by Benedetta Bonichi 1

Benedetta Bonichi 1

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