Watercolor tree with skeletons

We have featured some skull tattoos done by Britta Christiansen before: Watercolor skull tattoos by Britta Christiansen. And here we are again with her new outstanding watercolor tree with skeletons tattoo.

Before she was a Tattoo Artist, she went to Nursing School and worked as a Nurse for a couple of years. She would describe her favorite style as abstract. She does a lot of Watercolor and Trash Polka recently. Britta always looks forward to tattoos which are giving her a challenge in design and style. She’d love to dig deeper in the abstract style which gives her a more creative way of working.

Be sure to visit Britta online to see more of her outstanding tattoos!

Website: www.sclivingartgallery.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/livingartgallery

Watercolor tree with skeletons

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