Victorian skull candles

Victorian skull candles made by Burke & Hare Company. The University of Edinburgh was an institution universally renowned for its medical programs. Dissection and Diagrams became increasingly important as Medical Sciences began to flourish in the 19th century. These candles are a perfect reflection of that time and wonderful advancements in science.


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victorian skull candles

victorian skull candles 1

In Burke & Hare Company, they try to fill up their shop with 19th century themed items. They love using vintage and antiques. All items are unique and created with special individuals in mind.

William Burke and William Hare have been partners in the body business for decades. Burke & Hare Company have taken their inspiration from that unique partnership and created their store around the legend. They find beauty in medical sciences, technological advances, innovation, superstitions of the past, spiritualism and romanticism.

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victorian skull candles 2

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