Victoria by Alvin Chong

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We love skulls, tattoos and skull related imagery. And we love very talented artists, who use the skull in their artworks. Have a look at this awesome drawing – Victoria by Alvin Chong.

Alvin Chong is a tattoo artist and painter based in Malaysia. Art always been his passion since he was a child. He considered himself a late bloomer, tattooing since 2009, greatly influenced and inspired by Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gogue, Shawn Barber, Luba Goldina, Joshua Carlton. He loves to do portraits and realistic stuffs, most of all, his wife and daughter, his greatest supporters. Alvin is know for his tattoo artists portraits and his fine attention to detail with his tattoo work.

There is more to discover, Alvin’s work is varied. You can follow him on: Facebook and Tumblr.

Victoria by Alvin Chong

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