Swannee Vranckx’s Photography

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There is no limit to the ways skulls can be and are used in art today. From million dollar jewel-encrusted skulls to department store reproductions and photographs, every skull lover can find the one that suits their taste.

We love Swannee Vranckx’s photography! This very talented girl is from Belgium, she studied photography.She is passionate about photography,  the world of Cirque, the 50’s, and the music. She likes and admires almost all forms of art and she is also attracted to anything that relates to the past, vintage and antique things generally.

Swannee Vranckx’s website is worth checking out! There are a lot more to be seen: swanneevranckx.blogspot.co.uk  You can also follow her on Facebook


Swannee Vranckx (2) Swannee Vranckx (3) Swannee Vranckx Swannee Vranckx's Photography (2) Swannee Vranckx's Photography (3) Swannee Vranckx's Photography

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