Skulls by Kpavio

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Every art piece created by Rubèn Pàmies aka Kpavio is unique and made very precisely and with lot of passion. Rubèn has been a respected watchmaker for over 25 years so when you see all the little watchmaking parts then it is not a big surprise. Some of his amazing skulls are covered with more then 15.000 watchmaking parts. This very precise job sometimes takes him more then 300 hours to finish one skull. All of his sculptures have a skull as the base because he has always been attracted to the world of skulls and in his opinion they are a good way to explore the connection between life and the passage of time.
There is more to discover. Be sure to visit Kpavio online to see more of his amazing skulls:
Facebook:  kpavio
Instagram: kpaviobyruben


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Bastille by Kpavio kpavio (2) Kpavio skull Kpavio Skulls by Kpavio (2) Skulls by Kpavio Kpavio skulls

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