Skull Tattoos by Wojtek Taczala

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Wojtek Taczala (Tek Tattoo) is one of many Polish tattoo artists based in UK. His portfolio is filled with many amazing tattoos and today I would like to show you some of the skull tattoos done by this very talented artist.
Wojtek’s biggest dream is to become Polish Prime Minister. He realizes that this task is quite difficult and time-consuming so he has decided to become the best tattoo artist in the world. His plan is simple. He wants to tattoo more than thousand square meters of skin, travel around the world and have at least six figures on his bank account…
Wojtek travels all over the UK for many tattoo conventions. He specializes in black and gray realistic tattoos but has done some color ones as well. He manages to create some incredibly detailed tattoo pieces that look like photographs and paintings. I had the opportunity to meet him last month at The Great British Tattoo Show in London. Addition to being talented he is also a very nice guy!
Be sure to visit Wojtek online. His awesome portfolio is filled with original, unique tattoos including a rich variety of work most in black and gray:
facebook: WojtekTattoo
instagram: wojtektattoo
Here is a collection of some skull tattoos done by Wojtek. Which one would you pick for yourself?


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Skull Tattoos by Wojtek Taczala (2) Skull Tattoos by Wojtek Taczala tek tattoo skull (2) tek tattoo skull tek tattoo Wojtek Taczala tattoo

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