Skull Tattoos by Luke Sayer

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Luke Sayer is a multi award winning professional tattoo artist working at Samsara Custom Tattoo in Kendal, UK. He is passionate about tattooing and loves all forms of art. Luke excels in black and grey realism and dot work realism. His tattoo style is unique and personal.


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Luke is just 23 years old and he has been tattooing now for over 4 years. He has worked in several studios gaining a wide range of styles and knowledge. His style of tattooing is black and grey and attention to detail. He loves what he does and he puts all his passion into every tattoo he designs. I’m personally a big fan of him and follow his updates on Facebook: Lukesayertattoo

In this post I want to show you some amazing skull tattoos done by this very talented young artist. The following tattoos just blow my mind! Go check out Luke’s extremely impressive portfolio today and get inspired!

dot-skull-tattoo-luke-sayer skull-tattoo-2 skull-tattoo skull-tattoos-by-luke-sayer swinging-from-the-jaws-of-death


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