Skull Tattoos by Dodie

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This time we want to show you amazing Skull Tattoos by Dodie, tattoo artist from France. Her work is just outstanding! Dodie mixes symbolic animal totems, skulls, lace patterns and even paisley designs with flowers, feathers and other elements. Dodie’s designs are very popular with women. Each of her designs contains strong shapes, bold outlines and a careful attention to both details.


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Skull Tattoos by Dodie 1 Skull Tattoos by Dodie 2

Dodie combines realism with abstract designs to create body art. There is a spiritual element in many of Dodie’s tattoos which is introduced into the tattoo through mandala designs, folk art and cultural icons.

There is more to discover, Dodie’s work is very varied. You can follow her on her blog

Skull Tattoos by Dodie 3 Skull Tattoos by Dodie

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