Skull Sketchy Stories

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We want to show you Skull Sketchy Stories by Kerby Rosanes from Philippines. Kerby loves art especially sketching and doodling. He is currently working as a SEO Specialist/Graphic DesignerDoodling happens to be his hobby which eventually turned out to be his part-time freelance work. He is fascinated with the power of the pencil, ink and paper. Kerby is in love with colored pencils and Uni black pens. He usually uses his spare time in filling up his sketchbooks with random doodles and sketches of anything that inspires him to draw.


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Skull Sketchy Stories 2 Skull Sketchy Stories 1 Skull Sketchy Stories

Sketchy Stories is Kerby’s personal blog about doodling, illustration, drawing, painting and sketching.


Check out his illustration blog for more info and get inspired!

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