Skull Shot Glasses (2020 update)

In case you needed a reminder that alcohol can be dangerous, these Skull Shot Glasses should do the trick nicely. Some ancient tribal cultures have been known to drink out of the skulls of their enemies. Unfortunately, we live in a civilized polite society, making the Skull Shot Glasses the next best thing. They are absolutely terrific, aren’t they? I find them fabulous! These mini glasses are great for doing shots or sipping any spirit. I love them for vine and coffee and they look cool next to a Crystal Head Vodka Bottle.


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crystal head bottle and shot glasses

2020 update:
These mini glasses are available on Amazon:

Old Fashioned Glasses Skull Cup for Serving Scotch Whiskey

Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Glow Castle skull glass cup vodka spirits

Kikkerland Skull Shot Glasses, Set of 4

Klikel Skull Clear Crystal 2 Oz. Whiskey Vodka Shot Glasses, Set of 4

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