Skull scarves by Sasha Berry

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Skull scarves by Sasha Berry 3
Sasha Berry is a scarves brand created by Angelina Ober in France. In 2012, she decided to showcase her brand to artists and gave them a chance to bring life into materials of scarves. Sasha Berry offer everyone to wear an artwork everyday. Her scarves are manufactured and printed in India.
Skull scarves by Sasha Berry 2
The spirit of Sasha Berry:
“A thirst for future, a passion for art, whatever it could be an affirmation of daily happiness. If you are young, dynamic and you are willing to emphasize on your true beauty in your own style with contemporary twist – this composition, made by Sasha Berry, is for You”.
Skull scarves by Sasha Berry 1

Here is just a small selection of beautiful scarves ​​by Angelina Ober. You will find more skull designs on Sasha Berry website:


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You can also follow Sasha Berry on Facebook: Sasha-Berry-Accessoires

Skull scarf by Sasha Berry

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