Skull Rainbow Crayons

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Who can resist to sit down and color?  These fun and exciting crayons are perfect for kids and adults alike! Each crayon is unique in its combination of rainbow colors! Made from recycled, non-toxic crayons, Mini Skull Rainbow Crayons make drawings and crayon rubbings fun and easy for younger kids because of its size and unique shape for a better grip.


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Available on Etsy here:
Mini Day of the Dead Recycled Rainbow Crayons (Set of 9 Recycled Crayons) el Dia de los Muertos
They provide over 140+ different shapes and styles for your gift and party needs! They are adding new Rainbow Crayon styles weekly.

Skull Crayons (2) Skull Crayons Skull Rainbow Crayons (2) Skull Rainbow Crayons


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