Skull Jewelry from Stephen Einhorn

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Stephen Einhorn has become synonymous with quality, exclusivity and cutting edge design within contemporary British jewelry. With a focus on bespoke jewelry and original design, Stephen Einhorn is admired and well loved by both industry creatives and his loyal customers who stretch from his hometown of London to Paris, Hong Kong and the Hollywood Hills. British designer jewelry at its finest, it’s designed for individuals who seek originality, exclusivity and high quality craftsmanship. He designs classic collections that continually expand, allowing his customers to become collectors.


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Amazing skull jewelry from Stephen Einhorn is well known for its unique and original quality, celebrating the sculptural beauty as well as the history associated with the iconic skull motif. His collection features skull earrings and skull rings which has not only become popular among some of today’s biggest rock ‘n’ rollers, British and Hollywood stars, but also with Stephen’s devoted customers.  His product shots are brilliant and he has some items in ‘Heartbreak’ packaging which customers can break open creating small shards of broken heart.

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The skull is anti-fashion, which is always very attractive. The desire to feel individual, to shock even in a very small way. “Skulls represent sculptural beauty, mortality and history. I love the grandeur of skulls. The way you can use such a strong striking symbol and make it look approachable, stylish and luxurious, even though normally it’s a symbol of power and fear.” – Stephen Einhorn

More info about his skull collection:

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