Skull Globes by Beaulieu Designs

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I have featured some artworks created by very talented Alexander Hibbs before and here I am again to show you his latest skull globes. He recently made two more for custom orders, with higher quality skulls, map prints, and brass accent pieces. If you love skulls or globes this is a great unique piece for your collection. If you love both, you’d better get it now.


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Alexander Hibbs, an artist behind Beaulieu Designs makes one of a kind pieces using parts from old light fixtures, new parts, and found objects. Each piece is thoroughly planned and thought out. He uses quality pieces and parts and have a great attention for detail. These pieces are not cheap to make, but are quality works.

Skull Globes and Lamps 

Skull Globes by Beaulieu Designs (2) Skull Globes by Beaulieu Designs


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Skulls addicts only!