Skull Globes and Lamps

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You can give your home a subtle touch of death and decay with the skull globes and lamps from Beaulieu Designs. Absolutely perfect for anyone into the more macabre side of life and death. This is a creative and interesting way to add an edge to bedroom or living room. Alexander Hibbs, an artist behind Beaulieu Designs makes one of a kind lighting pieces using parts from old light fixtures, new parts, and found objects. Each piece is thoroughly planned and thought out. He uses quality pieces and parts and have a great attention for detail. These pieces are not cheap to make, but are quality works. 

His Skull Globes are made from a life size anatomical skull model. Printed map gores applied by hand. Painted to match, with gold accents. If you love skulls or globes this is a great unique piece for your collection. If you love both, you’d better get it now. 

His Skull Lamps are made from vintage brass lamp parts and a resin anatomical skull model. All of his lamps are made from previously used and found items. 

Skull Lamps and Globe are available on his Etsy Shop here: Beaulieu Designs

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