Skull forearm tattoo design

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Skull forearm tattoo design by Thomas Hooper. He works out of Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn NY. Thomas is a tattooer and an artist. His sensibilities as an artist are defined by how he may incorporate and blend these identities into his tattooing. Today his work draws its influences from many things – the sanctum of nature and natural forms, the unconscious, mathematical and geometric patterns, cosmology, and eastern religious images. He tries to incorporate these ideas into intricate  patterns and iconic folk symbolism– using complex pointillism, repetition, and detailed line-work – with the hopes of creating a vernacular that is both meditative and pure in form. 

Skull forearm tattoo design

It is his belief that a tattooist should always be striving to improve his or her skill, and to be conscious of how their tattoos may relate and ultimately contribute to the surrounding world of tattooing. Thomas is constantly exploring new ways to improve the skills and options available to him, finding new ways to develop techniques and tools beyond what is already necessary.

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