Skull faucet by Stephen Einhorn

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This Skull faucet by Stephen Einhorn is outstanding! A pair of extremely original, yet beautiful, hand cast skull & crossbones Gothic Capstan heads, designed to be fitted onto Barber Wilson wall mounted taps/faucets. Your neighbours won’t have these!

Skull faucet by Stephen Einhorn


Stephen Einhorn has become synonymous with quality, exclusivity and cutting edge design within contemporary British jewelry. With a focus on bespoke jewelry and original design, Stephen Einhorn is admired and well loved by both industry creatives and his loyal customers who stretch from his hometown of London to Paris, Hong Kong and the Hollywood Hills. British designer jewelry at its finest, it’s designed for individuals who seek originality, exclusivity and high quality craftsmanship. He designs classic collections that continually expand, allowing his customers to become collectors.


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