Skull embroidery on toilet paper

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Los Angeles based sculptor and painter, Andrea Guzzetta has created a series of skull embroidery on toilet paper to express her quarantine feels.

Can’t complain
“I’m safe at home, not working right now. It’s hard to feel like I have any right to complain or be anxious in comparison to people working in hospitals or grocery stores or delivering food. Their risk is so much higher. I’m especially grateful to live in California where our governor is taking this seriously. These are scary times, but I truly can’t complain.” – Andrea posted on her Facebook.


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So How Are You Doing With All This? is her zine collaboration with Anja Notanja Sieger, a poet. (Zine is an independently or self-published, non-commercial print-work that is typically produced in small, limited batches).

This collection of work captures the duo’s reflections on the Quarantine of 2020. It contains all of the toilet paper squares she’s been making as well as Anja’s poetry reflections on each piece.

Andrea will be donating 50% of the profits to Ayuda Mutua MKE, an organization helping undocumented citizens during this crisis.

” ‘So How Are You Doing With All This?’ catalogs the complex responses to quarantine and how we’re all dealing with the same collective experience separately. My embroideries on toilet paper and Anja’s poetry create a snapshot of quarantine life that hopefully we’ll be able to show our grandchildren one day when they complain about having to stay inside to avoid the roving bands of murder hornets.⁣” Andrea said.

This 28-page full-color zine was available only by pre-order (unfortunately it closed on May 7th). Hope she will print more so I can get one for myself.

Be sure to visit Andrea online:
Instagram: andreaguzzetta/
Facebook: Andrea Guzzetta

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