Skull Art by Yvan Meunier

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Skull art is not a new idea. Skulls have been used as art and decoration for centuries. Death is seen in different ways around the world. While some people dread it because they often associate it with the emergence of all things evil, others consider it as a celebration for the life of their deceased ancestors and loved ones. Today I want to show you some Skull Art by Yvan Meunier. His style is unusual, daring and adventurous. He uses a variety of traditional mediums to create his art. Yvan’s work has appeared in national campaigns as well as in a wide variety of published works in Canada, Australia and USA. His art is featured in many ecological museums around the world. He works directly with publishers, magazines and advertising agencies.
After 15 years of teaching at College, he continues to enjoy imparting his creative knowledge to future illustrators and graphic designers.


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Be sure to visit him online to see more of his amazing art:


Facebook:  cosmoyvan

Skull Art by Yvan Meunier (2) Yvan Meunier (2) Yvan Meunier (3) Yvan Meunier (4) Yvan Meunier (5) Yvan Meunier (6) Skull Art by Yvan Meunier Yvan Meunier

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