Skull and Rose Tattoos by Sebastian Nowacki

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There is no doubt that a rose tattoo is one of the most preferred ones across the world. The most popular thing that a rose symbolizes is love and rose tattoo designs are so frequently tattooed with skulls, to represent the contrast between life and death or beauty and decay. The skull and rose together make for a beautiful piece of art. While this is a popular tattoo design, when you get one by a very talented tattoo artist, you don’t just walk away with a unique design: you have an amazing piece of art.


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Polish tattoo artist Sebastian Nowacki is one of the best tattoo artists that specializes in skulls and roses. He works at Kamil Tattoo in London, UK and has attended many tattoo conventions. Sebastian’s style is unique and the shading, the color, the amount of detail is just mind-blowing to me. From very early age he has always had an interest in drawing and art in general. Sebastian really loves it when his customers get involved in their designs and the pleasure that personal piece of artwork brings to them. He truly views tattooing as an art form, not a job.

I always wanted to leave something unique after myself like a living canvas and there is nothing better than seeing people happy after what you create.


There is a growing trend that people love to get tattoos in a more colorful and realistic style. Colors fill our life with beauty and joy. Here is a collection of colorful skull and rose tattoos by Sebastian Nowacki looking very amazing and awesome. He has definitely mastered the art of tattooing a perfect skull. His tattoos have a distinctive and rich palette. Sebastian enjoys color work and likes to play with the colors as much as possible, enjoying a more realistic style with a little twist in it. He manages to create some incredibly detailed tattoo pieces. Be sure to visit Sebastian online to see his very impressive portfolio filled with many outstanding tattoos! His work speaks for itself.
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