Skull and Flowers

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Alessio Schiavon created four versions of Skull and Flowers: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter using different techniques: enamel water-base paint for the base, spray-cans for the flowers and screen print for the skull. This process allow him to change the colors from print to print adding extra features and hand embellishment. Each print is unique.

‘Make Time to Smell The Flowers’

Make Time to Smell The Flowers

Alessio Schiavon is a graphic designer and illustrator. His gestural art takes inspiration from action painting and is mixed with collage, stencils and serigraph processes. Alessio is curious about the passing of time on city walls, on objects or faces of people and he tries to replicate it on his paintings. He has been known as UNTHO, the name which he used to spread his artistic message in the streets. Alessio enjoys using different media to realize his artworks. He lives and works between the tropical island of Bali and the beauty of Italy.

Go check out his gallery and get inspired. You can follow him on:

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