Skeleton white ink tattoo

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Have you ever seen such white ink tattoo? This tattoo has been done entirely in white ink. Such tattoos are extremely attractive because the way they look. They are also preferred by those who wish to be different from the ordinary tattoos done by dark ink.  Many tattoo artists who do white ink tattoos say that they look best on people with pale skin, and that it is a good idea to place them on an area of the body which is not frequently exposed to sunlight. Most white ink tattoos look like scars, and they are sometimes mistaken.

Skeleton white ink tattoo

This awesome skeleton white ink tattoo was done by Madame Chän alias Chantal Henken. She is a very talented artist from Brussels, Belgium.  Madame Chän studied photography and screen printing.  She worked for a lot of projects, and likes to work the tattoo as a common project with the customer. She likes to navigate within the techniques and hopes to discover and worked new techniques as well. Madame Chän works most of the time at AKA in Berlin, an hybrid art space: a gallery, a tattoo piercing and body-modification atelier.

There is more to discover, Madame Chän’s work is very varied. You can follow her on her Facebook page and website:

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