Sasha Berry London Skull Scarf

You know that Sasha Berry is one of my favorite brands designing unique skull scarves. Here I am again with some pictures of my new Sasha Berry London scarf. I usually wear my skull scarves with a leather jacket but this time I am wearing something totally different – a lime coat. You can prefer wearing the scarf either every day to work or on special occasions. This is a great way to add skulls without overpowering an outfit. A skull scarf is a must have for this season, great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. And a perfect Christmas gift for your sister or best friend!

Sasha Berry is a French scarves brand created by Angelina Ober. She offers everyone to wear an artwork everyday. Her scarves are manufactured and printed in India.
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Facebook: Sasha-Berry-Accessoires

Sasha Berry Scarf Sasha Berry London Skull Scarf (2)Sasha Berry Scarf (2) Sasha Berry Scarf (3)Sasha Berry London Skull Scarf

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