Owl and skull tattoo designs

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Owl and skull tattoos are meaningful and are both attractive and unique.


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The owl represents wisdom, intelligence and education. The same can be said about the owl tattoo. Owls may appear to be adorable but in their own world they are predators. Several societies believed that the owl would go with the spirit in the afterlife. Some believe if you see an owl in your dreams, it may mean you or someone close to you will die.
Owl tattoos come in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. Tattoo artist have been creative with this tattoo design over the years so you can find a lot of unique black and grey owl tattoos but some colorful ones as well.
An owl tattoo can have many different meanings. In the past an owl has been associated with both wisdom and bad signs.
For some people owl tattoos often have a spiritual meaning. This tattoo design can be worn to honor a dead loved one, as owls of ancient stories accompanied departed spirits to the land of the dead.

A skull often represents an end to a certain period or event in one’s life. Mexican Sugar Skull is used as a celebration of life. Owls often represent wisdom but they are associated with death. The two put together can have several meanings, e.g. someone has overcome a tough obstacle in life and has become wiser or better.

In this article I’ve included 20 photos of truly stunning owl and skull tattoo designs. Hope you get inspired.

sugar skull and owl tattoo on armowl mexican skull by frahtattoo owl and skullsugar skull owl tattoo sugar skull owlskull and owl tattooskull and owl by ILOnaOwl and skull tattoo designs 2 owl skull tattoomexican owl tattoo Owl and skull Owl and skull tattoo designs Owl and skull tattoo

owl tattooo owl tattooOwl and skull tattoo designs 1 owl skull diamond tattoo

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