Origami & Papercraft Skull Puzzles

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Have a look at this awesome Origami & Papercraft Skull Puzzles by American artist Joshua Harker. He has designed two project puzzles. One is an origami cube that when folded correctly shows all 6 views of Crania Revolutis. The other is a more sophisticated papercraft model that assembles into a larger than life 3-dimensional skull. To disseminate these 3D objects he is using the internet and a 2D desktop printer. The puzzles are included in all higher reward tiers.


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Papercraft Skull & Origami Cube Puzzles (click to view in 3D)

origami skull

Joshua Harker is considered a pioneer and visionary in 3D printed art and sculpture. By using a 3-D printer to transform his creative drawings into elaborate sculptural objects, Harker is able to produce designs that wouldn’t be possible without the technology. Joshua Harker is self-described as a “sculptor, inventor, scribbler, designer, imagination architect, digital adventurer, musician & troublemaker.”

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