Nightmares by Brian Viveros and Dan Quintana

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Brian Viveros and Dan Quintana collaborated to create their latest print titled, “Nightmares”. They are two painters whose respective backgrounds lie in creating the strong commercial imagery we see everyday, and this striking style has carried over into their fine art. Both of them know how to attract your attention. Their paintings are both reflections of their own inner worlds and society at large; realms where fantasy intermingles with pop culture. Whether it be a doe-eyed beauty with a Marlboro dangling from her lips, or a Dominatrix acting as sheriff in the untamed West, in these painstakingly rendered vignettes romance battles vice and sensuality meets consumerism.


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Brian Viveros‘ images of sexy women with their sensual eyes and a cigarette dangling in the corner of their mouths have became his trademark (Brian M Viveros Paintings)

Dan Quintana’
s surrealistic paintings are filled with vivid and eerie symbolism. His dreamy visions are beautifully executed in a way that is reminiscent of the great Dutch and Flemish masters.

Brian Viveros: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Dan Quintana: Website | Instagram | Tumblr

Dan Quintana Nightmares by Brian Viveros and Dan Quintana

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