Never Done Drugs by Philip Dunne

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Have a look at Never Done Drugs by Philip Dunne. This illustration is about people comment on how psychedelic Philip’s art is and where that comes from, it’s about playing with people’s perception of the artist behind the art.

Dublin-based Philip Dunne uses pencil, pen, ink, watercolor and digital coloring techniques in Photoshop. Since the age of 6 he has been drawing, painting, doodling and obsessing over all things creative. After graduating from college, he worked on discovering his own unique style of illustration and began to build a portfolio of exciting and memorable illustrations. He is always looking to develop his style on diverse and original projects. Philip is always drawing and there is always new art, drawings and illustration work. To see more, follow him on Tumblr or Instagram. His art is an exploration of himself, his daily thoughts, obsessions, hopes, fears and anxieties.

Never Done Drugs by Philip Dunne


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