Memento Mori handmade mechanical watch

From clothing to house wares to bedding and furniture, skull imagery is tremendously popular and in high demand. There is no limit to the ways skulls can be and are used in art today. From million dollar jewel-encrusted skulls to department store reproductions, every skull lover can find the one that suits their taste.  The Memento Mori handmade watch is  absolutely perfect for anyone into the more macabre side of life and death.


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Memento Mori reinterprets the theme of mortality in horlogery, drawing inspiration from the 17th century skull watch of Mary Queen of Scotts, Mexican Dia de Los Muertos decoration and beautifully decorated skeleton movements found in today’s luxury watches. This contemporary time piece highlights the value of watchmaking by drawing our attention to the watch movement. The pieces of the movement make up the form of a skull. Each piece is decorated and assembled by hand resulting in a unique timepiece rich in tradition, know how and symbolism. This amazing watch was made by Fiona Krüger. She is a designer working on projects ranging from the intricacy and precision of watch design to more conceptual sculptural installations. The projects are conceived, developed and created by Fiona to satisfy her own self-imposed briefs or in collaboration with particular clients. A passion for hand-made objects, tradition and craftsmanship are at the core of her work. Fiona is able to draw on her fine art background, design training and international work experience to come up with a variety of creative solutions to suit each individual project.

Memento Mori hand made mechanical watch Memento Mori hand made mechanical watch 1

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