Memento Mori by Lucy Hardie

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Have a look at this awesome ink on cotton paper – Memento Mori by Lucy Hardie. If you love this and are a fan of highly detailed drawings then be sure to check out the rest of Lucy’s work:

Lucy Hardie is an Australian artist who specializes in fine pen and ink drawings. Her work has been exhibited throughout Australia, in Europe and the US and featured in a variety of publications.

“The glory of her work is that this is not abstract theory, but rather is shown as inseparable from the lived singularities of existence. Hence the integral brilliance of Hardie’s art which presents anew in each work a unique aesthetic sparking between and amongst these themes, [existential, traditional Christian, Tibetan Buddhist], differentially deepening insight into the Beauty of Life enabled by our Deathless depths.”

Lucy’s meticulous technique and mythopoeic imagery draws influence from a range of sources including the work of: Ernst Fuchs, Vali Myers, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Maura Holden, Albin Brunovsky and Vania Zouravliov. She is also fascinated by Integral Philosophy, fairy tales from around the world and death as a catalyst for transformation.

Memento Mori by Lucy Hardie

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