Matryoshka tattoo designs

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10 Matryoshka tattoo designs with skulls.


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The Russian Matryoshka Doll is more commonly known as the Russian nesting doll. It has become a popular toy and decoration across the world, and is sought after by tourists visiting Russia. Matryoshka Dolls are artistic, fun and popular collector’s item. Nesting dolls are often used as symbols of Russian culture, but Matryoshka Dolls have been around since 1890, when the first was made in Moscow. Not long after, these dolls were made elsewhere, namely in Japan.

Matryoshka with skull tattoo 1

Matryoshka with skull tattoo 2

Matryoshka Dolls are popular souvenirs. It’s possible to buy very simple Matryoshki in sets of five or seven. More elaborate Matryoshka Dolls may hold 20 nesting dolls or more. Typically, Matryoshki are painted as cheerful, kerchief-wearing women. However, a Matryoshka can also depict Russian fairy tales, Russian leaders, or pop culture icons. Matryoshka Dolls are often designed to follow a particular theme, for instance peasant girls in traditional dress. Matryoshka with skull tattoo 3 Matryoshka with skull tattoo 4

Originally, Matryoshka was made to symbolize motherhood, namely the mothers of large families who are well fed, leading to the portly figure of the doll and her “family” inside of her.

Matryoshka with skull tattoo 5 Matryoshka with skull tattoo 6 Matryoshka with skull tattoo 7

Lots of pretty dainty flowers and Russian artwork scroll the dolls making them such a lovely choice for an art style tattoo. Russian doll tattoos can represent friendship, family, next of kin, fairy tales, story books, travel and culture.

Matryoshka with skull tattoo 8 Matryoshka with skull tattoo

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