Leanne James new tattoos

We have featured some Jeanne’s photos before but here we are again to show you her new amazing skull tattoos.

Leanne James is a professional alternative model represented by Dark Arts, based in Bicester, England, but travel internationally. She is internationally published and shoot 3-4 times a week. Leanne is very confident in doing her own hair and make up and have done for most of her shoots. She has worked with over 60 photographers from all areas of the UK and has over 30 written positive reviews of her professionalism. Leanne has been a cover model for many international magazines including Bizarre, Skin Deep and Tattoo Life Magazine. She has more and more tattoos (thigh, right sleeve, left half sleeve, chest and back). We especially love her skull tattoos.

Here is our first publication about Leanne’s tattoos: skullspiration.com/leanne-james-skull-tattoos

This post just a small selection of beautiful Leanne’s photos. Want to see more? Be sure to visit Leanne online! The website is worth checking out!

Leanne James new tattoos 1 Leanne James new tattoos

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