Latest Trend In Women’s Fashion For 2020

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Fashion isn’t only about elegant clothes and sparkly accessories. It’s a form of art through which each one of us can express their true personality; you can also learn how to change your style based on your mood and likes. Following trends for inspiration has been like a yearly tradition that we all have to do. It’s finally time to say goodbye to 2019 different styles and trends. If you still have some favorites, you can learn to integrate them into your new styles. If you are finally coming around the idea of changing up your wardrobe and dropping some of last year’s trends behind, then you might be interested to know what’s “in” this year. 

Get ready for your shopping spree with some of the best trendy styles for 2020 from the fashion capital that we have collected right here. 

Hot Pants

We all love a perfect pair of short shorts that fit our bodies perfectly and highlight our curves. You will be relieved to know that hot pants (aka super short shorts) are trending this year. With these types of clothes, you need to make sure that you have picked the right type of underwear. Fashion gurus from advise against wearing any type of underwear that might be visible; instead, you can go for seamless underwear in a neutral color. This way, even if you pick a white pair of hot pants, you still don’t have to worry about annoying panty lines. If you are still not confident enough about rocking a pair, channel ruled 2020 runaways by styling the shorts with black tights. 

Bright Colors 

This year is all about bright and fluorescent colors, especially very bright green. This color dominated the runway and managed to wow everyone. You can find many highlighter-inspired neon colors rocking the show. The best thing about these colors is that they are easily paired with black, white, or if you are feeling wild, you can pair them with other neon colors to make your outfit pop even more. Valentino went hot and heavy with a full maxi bright green dress without even showing the paired pair of shoes. Anyone who would like to make an entrance should really start taking notes from his styles that manage to impress us every year. 


The trend for skulls has been at the peak of popularity for more than a decade. Even though a lot of people consider skull and bones to be a symbol of repulsion and death and sway away from them, this taboo is slowly fading away as more and more fashion companies are including these supposedly gloomy motifs. A lot of fashion designers, like Philipp Plein and Alexander McQueen, have incorporated a range of these skull and bone symbols in their line of jewelry design. Being perceived as a symbol of freedom now, it is as evident now as it was decades ago. It’s obvious by now that the skull has become a prominent part of the fashion industry due to it’s attractiveness and versatility. The skulls are extremely sought after because of the increasing trend. Customers are more prone to buy skull designs that have an emotional connection attached to them. So what’s better than using the strong symbolism of skulls that have several meanings attached to them? And did I mention how attractive they look by presenting a bold and loud statement?

Faux Leather 

All the gothic queens at heart will be glad to know that faux leather is back in the game. Whether you want to go for a pair of leather pants matched with black boots and messy hair. Or, you can go for a pair of Bermuda shorts matched with your favorite over the knee boots. The dominatrix style took over the show with vinyl, cages, corsets, on the top of our favorite black leather pieces. You can also go for easy outfits if you don’t want to cause a big scene and throw your favorite pair of jeans with a leather coat for an effortless-looking cool look. During the Milan fashion week, it wasn’t only about gothic and dominatrix looks with black leather. You can find the bright colors invading the faux leather world in many styles. You can find a bright blue leather coat with faux fur sleeves paired with a boring pair of jeans. If you are feeling extra, you can even go for a full leather outfit from head to toe. 

The Coat Dress and Capes

This isn’t new for us ladies who get tired of thinking about their outfit of the day a lot. Many designers topped their outfits with coats that covered the full body. Some even went as far as wearing the coat as a dress. These styles will work perfectly for the days when you are feeling a bit lazy to take the time and effort to style your outfit. You can just get a coat dress to wear over leggings and any blouse or t-shirt. Coats and full-length coats weren’t only the dominants in the fashion weeks. For those who want to live their manga fantasy, or people who love to combine modernism with classic looks, you will be glad to know that capes are hot this 2020. 

Following the trends and fashion shows is extremely fun and inspiring for new outfit ideas. This works perfectly for the times you feel like changing your wardrobe. However, the best and greatest thing about fashion is your ability to express yourself. You have the power to show your personality in the light you choose depending on the clothes you go for. That’s why it’s important to remember that you should only be inspired by your favorite catwalk. In the end, it’s better to create your own looks and styles that will suit your body, likes, and personality rather than just copying.

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