How to Properly Put a Skull Decal on Your Motorcycle Helmet

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Whenever cruise motorcycle riders pass by, people start imagining how their journeys have been. The decals that ornate their bikes or helmets add to their imagination. Wherein, the design of their cruiser motorcycle reflects the rider. Their motorcycle gears like the helmet, jacket, gloves, and others also represent them. Therefore, when they ornate their bike and helmet with decals, the design is unique since it is their representation. Designs like having a skull decal on their helmet represent their adventurous story. But how do they stick a skull decal on their helmet to show the people? The following are ways of how riders can put a skull decal in their helmet properly. 


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Choose your helmet

Helmets come hand in hand with cruiser motorcycles or any motorcycles for that matter. One important part of riding a motorcycle is wearing a helmet. More so, there are a variety of cruiser helmets that one can choose from like creative and functional cool lids for cruisers that are reliable and give you the visibility, ventilation, quietness, and comfort you need while motorcycling. By wearing these types of helmets, you can feel the magic and freedom of riding your motorcycle. However, if you do not place the decal in the right area of your helmet, you might have trouble with this. To avoid such, choose the right structure of your helmet.

Where to place

Choosing a skull design for your decal is one of the steps you must do to enjoy your look during the ride. There are many designs out there you can choose from, skull decals are famous so you can choose whatever design you want. You can make your own, or you could even have your skull design custom made just for you. Before placing what you chose, make sure that your helmet is free from dust and grease since this can interfere with the adhesive. Also, make sure to try to put the decal first before actually sticking it to have a glimpse of how it will look.

Putting your decal 

Now that you have cleaned and tested your decal, you can start putting it on your helmet. Putting on the decal needs a lot of attention and patience. You cannot just put it all at once. Remove the backing of your decal slowly. Furthermore, steady hands are needed here as you have to attach the center of the decal first to ensure that the decal will conform to the curve of the helmet. You do not want your decal to be out of place, so make sure to be gentle in doing this. The edges should also be softly pressed so that wrinkles can be removed. A clean and smooth application will make you and your helmet look good.

Having a skull decal on your helmet makes you stand out. Especially when riding a cruiser motorcycle. A skull is probably the most popular decal design that usually signifies strength, bravery, and toughness. That is the reason why skull decals can usually be seen on tv shows and movies. Using a skull decal on your helmet leaves an impression on people that you are one tough cookie. 

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