How to Incorporate Skulls into Your Outfit Regardless of Your Style

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Skulls have a long and fascinating history of cultural, artistic, and social relevance. Since ancient times, the symbol of the skull has held profound and varying meanings for different people in different parts of the world throughout the centuries. No wonder, then, that the skull remains a powerful and intriguing image of life and death, sorrow and hope. If you are fascinated by this beautiful, intricate, yet intimidating image, here are some ways you can introduce it to your wardrobe.


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Cute and Playful

Skulls are known for their dark connotations and links to the macabre. Gothic aesthetics are more commonly seen to incorporate the skull motif into their style. At the opposite end of the morbid spectrum lies pastel tones and welcoming patterns such as love hearts and rainbows. Even if you enjoy wearing pale pinks or soft textures, you can still include skulls as an element of your style. By adding this disjointed symbol to your otherwise cheerful outfit, you create a layer of mystery for your look.

Contemporary Pirate

It’s hard not to think about pirates when confronted with the distinctive image of a skull. The notorious black flag bearing the skull symbol, whether historically accurate or not, has become a part of the cultural impression of pirates. Pirates conjure thoughts of independence, rebellion, ingenuity, and daring. It’s understandable, then, why some people see the appeal in dressing like one. Adding skull elements to a dark, grungy look can give a pirate twist to your outfit alongside some boots and disheveled clothing.

Smart and Professional

If you are the type of person who prefers to dress neatly and smartly, incorporating the iconography of skulls into your style might seem like a challenge at first. In fact, there are plenty of ways to add skull details to your professional wardrobe. Elegant and edgy additions, such as skull cufflinks or a tie embroidered with miniature skulls, can create a subtle sense of excitement and danger in your outfit. Include a sleek ring from to complete the look.


While skulls do represent danger, threat, and death, they are also delicate parts of human anatomy with detailed features and hints of personality. These qualities make them excellent for incorporating into a more feminine style. For example, skulls and flowers are known to look attractive together. Depending on the precise artistic interpretation of the skull, you can also see the curves and lines of the shape as softly feminine.

Dark and Brooding

One of the most common ways that a skull is used in style is for dark and edgy subcultures, such as bikers, goths, and rockers. With plenty of dark shades, tough materials such as leather, and unconventional dress sense, skulls are understandably welcome within these styles. Their connotations of danger enhance the overall look that rockstars, goths, or bikers tend to aim for.

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