How to Have a Skull Wedding: 7 Ways to Incorporate Skulls

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There are several ways to incorporate skulls into your wedding. If you want to have a skull wedding, you should first check out these tips.


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You may not be able to marry your crush Jack Skellington, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a dream wedding inspired by your favorite motif — skulls!

Skulls aren’t reserved for spooky weddings only. There are plenty of ways to incorporate skulls into various wedding themes.

Get a headstart on your planning with these creative ideas for a dream skull wedding.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas Skulls

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most beloved cult classics among skull lovers.

Its star character, Jack Skellington, has inspired Groomsman style for countless themed weddings around the world.

The movie is jam-packed with wedding ideas.

You and your partner could dress up at the film’s iconic couple, Jack and Sally.

Pop the question by presenting your Art Deco engagement rings in a collectible Jack Skellington box!

Other ideas include Jack Skellington inspired wedding cookies, table centerpieces, lapel pins, cupcake toppers, and more accessories.

2. Skull Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake designers are like magicians. It’s incredible what they can come up with!

Work with a professional wedding cake baker to create the skull wedding cake of your dreams. Your cake designer could create a 3D skull or bake a traditional cake and decorate it with skull motifs.

You could also create a cupcake tower in the shape of a skull, complete with skull face toppers!

3. Skull-Inspired Appetizers

You and your wedding guests still have to eat.

Create a themed wedding banquet with skull-shaped chocolates, sandwiches, small plates, napkins, and utensils with skull motifs.

You could also print out wedding menus with skull-inspired names for meals.

4. Skull Drinks

Don’t forget the drinks!

Skull-themed weddings are the ideal theme for creative beverages.

For starters, there are plenty of skull-shaped mugs, shot glasses, and goblets to choose from.

Your wedding guests could fill up their skull mugs with “bloody” red wine, spicy hot chocolate, or witch “potion” fruit punch.

5. Dream Skull Jewelry

You don’t have to go overboard with the skull wedding motifs. Instead, subtly include skulls into your wedding attire and decor.

Luxurious skull pendants, earrings, and lapel pins are perfect for this.

Punk or alternative designers aren’t the only ones who design skull jewelry.

You could have your skull jewelry custom made or browse the skull-inspired collections of name brand jewelers.

6. Skull Lights for a Night Wedding

A skull theme is perfect for a mysterious night wedding.

Take this opportunity to purchase twinkling skull lights for the occasion!

You can find skull lights and Jack Skellington lights online or at your closest hardware store.

Arrange these lights around your wedding arches, wedding reception tables, wedding tents, and weeping willow trees.

7. Skull Garden Decorations

Skull lights also look fantastic nestled in garden shrubs and flower beds.

Why not go the extra mile and add more skull inspired garden decorations?

Buy skull-themed solar lights, skull planters, tombstones, and glow-in-the-dark skeletons to complete your wedding decor.

Celebrate New Beginnings With Wedding Skulls

You’re a step away from making your dream skull wedding into a reality.

Use these creative ideas to start planning your wedding right away!

Check back often for even more creative ideas for incorporating skulls into special occasions.

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