Halloween Skull Truffles

This is the most exciting Halloween food I have ever seen! White and bittersweet chocolate truffle skulls with candied walnut brains made by Marc Brownlow.


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To pull this idea off, food box delivery required quite a bit of preparation. First, he sculpted little skulls out of polymer clay and molded them in food grade silicon. He made bittersweet chocolate ganache, froze it and rolled it into little balls. Then, he molded the white chocolate skull truffles, fitted each one with a bittersweet center and topped it off with a candy coated walnut “brain”. They looked appropriately macabre, packaged in black tins lined with red velvet. It’s a bit expensive, costing him around $40 for enough material to cast a 4 skull mold. But the mold is pretty durable and reusable. If anyone wants to try making their own food molds, Marc described the process in detail here: Extreme Halloween Candy: Skull Truffles

Halloween Skull Truffles (2) Halloween Skull Truffles

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